1. You’ve got a product or service. 2. You have one or more audiences that will be interested in that product or service. Marketing takes a big picture view of how to most effectively bring 1 and 2 together to generate profits.

Public Relations

Managing communication between an organization and its public(s). Check out this article to read how PR remains built on the “classics” but poised to harness today’s technology tools to gain insight into the public and create a meaningful dialogue.

Content Development

Just a fancy term for writing! Content development refers to anything that must be written for presentation in an online format.

Social Media Engagement

Getting people to talk about your company, your product, or your service. Providing fun and exciting opportunities for those people to advocate on your behalf.

Message Crafting and Media Training

Crafting spot-on messaging about your company, your product, or your service and teaching you how to nail it when talking to the media.

Venture Capital, Merger & Acquisition Positioning

You have a great product or service. I help you get you tons of exposure so you can get money to build your company. It can be venture capital to help take you to the next level or a straight-up acquisition to help you buy your own island in the West Indies or build schools in impoverished regions of the world–whatever floats your boat!

 (Fees available upon request)