Client Talk

“Jeri is on fire. A firebrand strategic thinker and marketing leader, Jeri Cohen is like having two people, make that three, who each bring their A game to the table: marketing, creative, and media. She just connects the dots faster and more creatively, strategically, than 99% of the planet. I experienced firsthand Jeri’s remarkable way of laser-focusing and articulating the client’s problems, and connecting to the customers’ insights. It made the process and the results pretty damn amazing. And the best part is, she’s knows the value of doing all this with a playful, engaging team esprit decor. Awesome talent.”

Jan Zlotnick
Chief Marketing Officer at Sprinklr

“Jeri brings an infectious energy to every assignment. From the moment she is brought in, she is a part of the team. With her years of experience helping agencies ‘get credit’ for their accomplishments, she is instrumental in shining light on breakthrough thinking and exceptional work. Through her eyes, agencies can begin to see themselves in a whole new (and often, exciting) way.”

Jennifer Garr
SVP, Executive Director Strategy & Planning at Ogilvy & Mather

“I hired Jeri when I was VP of Marketing at Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC). LVEDC was the first economic development effort for the Valley and we had some stereotypes to overcome. Jeri not only dispelled those stereotypes with article placement in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times but she took on the creative and advertising expanding and securing a viable brand for business and industry looking to relocate. Jeri is one of the most dynamic and creative people I have worked with. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Sara Anderson, NCIDQ
Senior Manager – Design & Space Planning at QVC

“The work you did for me in handling media relations and event planning was of excellent quality and high professional standard. You handled both large and small events with the same attention to detail, and I am happy to recommend you for such work to your local government or other organization. I know you will be an asset to them.”

Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani, Mayor of New York

“Day-Timers’ relationship with you has been one of our most successful marketing partnerships. Your talent in identifying and communicating the value and benefits of our product line has helped us grow our customer base each year. Your smart and creative approach to our business proves that it’s not the budget but the ideas that count. It’s no wonder that others within the Fortune Brands family of companies are looking our way for public relations expertise! Thanks to your efforts, we’ve gotten great exposure.”

Dave Clark, President of Day-Timers, Inc.

“Your talent in developing powerful words and pairing them with compelling images resulted in a brochure that has resonated with everyone who has read it. The words created strong emotions in all of us. This piece will not only be instrumental in marketing our school to prospective parents but also has become the foundation for many of our ongoing efforts in outdoor and magazine advertising. Thank you for capturing the spirit of the Swain School in a brochure that we will surely be able to use for many years to come.

Dr. Lynald Silsbee, Headmaster, The Swain School

“On behalf of Governor Tom Ridge, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable participation that helped make our ‘Made in PA’ kick-off such a tremendous success.”

Lisa Wold, PA Dept. of Community and Economic Development

“Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of and The amount of press you generated is tremendous and we are very appreciative of the talent, time, and energy you put in on our business.”

Guy Wolcott, Founder and CEO, Rocketworks, Inc.